Games Marathon is over! It’s time to announce the results

Games Marathon results

IQeon team is delighted to announce the long-awaited results of the Games Marathon competition. Thank you all for participating – it was very inspiring to watch your enthusiasm and real gamers’ endurance!

We remind you that the participants had to fight daily in PvP matches, indicated on the interactive IQeon map, during 21 days of the marathon in order to receive the prize.

Almost 550 contestants showed their talent in the gaming battle. And the total number of matches played by marathon runners in all 3 stages has reached 2,260 games! We also have a champion who played 253 competitive games in 7 days!

However, only the most active players who kept the distance during at least one 7-day marathon stage received the prize!

Well-deserved rewards have already been credited to the winners' game accounts: 0.1 bonus IQN for the first stage, 5 IQN for the second week of the marathon, and 10 IQN for the final round of the competition!

Marathon runners, you are marvellous players and we are sincerely proud of your results! We also want to thank all the contributors and community members for their hard work to achieve success in the 21-day race.

Don’t forget to subscribe to the official IQeon community to stay tuned – there are many more exciting contests ahead, in which you can become the winner!



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