First beta-testing for gamers is launched today!

First beta-testing for gamers is launched today!

The collection of applications for participation in beta testing for players has been successfully completed and we are ready to sum up the first results. More than 800 people have taken the initiative and soon the most active of them will start testing our platform before the full launch.

We appreciate everyone who shares our idea and supports IQeon. Therefore, if you left the application, but did not receive an invitation - do not rush to get upset. Each application is a guarantee that you will be one of the first to get notification of the the IQeon platform open beta official launch.

In the nearest future, the latest preparations for the start of the closed beta testing by our community will come to an end and we will start working on further platform updates. In the first closed beta version, the user will be able to try out various mechanics and interfaces of the platform, as well as applications integration and gameplay.

We will tell you more about the results of this stage and sure inform you about the transition of the project to the open beta testing, as soon as we reach all the goals.

Join our community now! Subscribe to IQeon social media, register and submit applications online to be at the forefront of the gaming industry with us. Thanks to you IQeon will be the way you want it to be - the very best PvP gaming platform!



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