Final round of IQeon ICO is officially underway

Final round of IQeon ICO is officially underway

Dear friends, thank you for all your support throughout the pre-sale, additional pre-sale and the main token offer! We appreciate your input and the loyalty you show to our project.

By following our news you already know that we are actively promoting IQeon at numerous conferences. Among the recent conferences and Blockchain forums visited by our team is London Blockchain Week 2018, Blockchain Conference in Thai, World Blockchain Summit, The White Nights, etc. At every conference, the IQeon startup team had an opportunity to showcase the platform, speak to the potential investors, network with the partnering organizations and acquire more and more followers. Our CEO and other members of the team gave interviews to YouTube bloggers and British Cryptonews channels. Right now, due to the efforts of IQeon key figures and advisors, we managed to make arrangements with 25+ game development companies to host their products on our platform.

We keep receiving high score form the rating platforms, among the recent ones are ICORating, ICOBazaar, ICOBench, ICORanker, CaptainAltcoin, TrackICO, etc.

The last stage of IQeon ICO ends on March 13 the Bonus to get IQN during these last two weeks is 5%! Don’t miss your chance, participate in the creation of a better future for the whole gaming world.



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