Expanding the audience: IQeon begins to localize the gaming platform

Localization of IQeon platform

We strive to expand the active audience of the platform, and it is extremely important for us that the interaction of new users with the products of IQeon ecosystem is as comfortable as possible. Thereby, we started localizing the gaming platform into Chinese.

At the moment, the translation of the main blocks of IQeon.io official website has been completed, where users can find information about the project, its team, key features and benefits, IQN digital asset capabilities, as well as the latest company news.

IQeon.io adaptation is only the first step towards project localization. Improvement of the platform and language optimization of other IQeon products will go simultaneously. Today, some blocks of IQeon.com website and the most important legal documents of the platform – terms of use and privacy policy have been translated into Chinese.

Localization of our ecosystem will be an important step towards reaching new heights and expanding the audience, as China is the largest gaming market in terms of the number of users. It will also help our team better understand the needs and wants of gamers, improve the product and increase players’ engagement.

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