IQN digital asset added to Freewallet

IQN – Freewallet

In december IQN digital asset was added to popular multichain app - Freewallet. Users of this cryptocurrency wallet can hold and share IQN within Freewallet ecosystem now. 

IQN is a digital asset of ERC-20 standard which is used as an internal currency of gaming PvP-platform IQeon. It was created in order to monetize in-game achievements. 

Freewallet provides a lot of useful features. There is a possibility to create user’s own cryptocurrency portfolio which shows the assets value against fiat pairs in real time.   

Users of mobile wallet can greatly enhance their funds security, enabling login fingerprint-verification, balance change email notifications and withdrawal limits for their digital assets. 


Freewallet is a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet launched in 2016. It supports over 30 coins and about 100 tokens on EOS and Ethereum blockchains. Wallet owners can use desktop version, iOS and Android apps in 14 languages. 

IQeon project was launched in 2017 by Vadim Dovguchits, an expert in blockchain technology, business analysis and game development. The main goal of the project is to enable users of PvP-platform to monetize their virtual achievements without any intermediaries.  

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