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Dear friends, IQeon Quiz Giveaway contest is over, the winners are announced! The drawing of the main prize of 1,000 IQN turned out to be really large-scale: more than 8,000 users decided to test their erudition and took part in the competition.

We remind that only those participants who correctly answered 5 or more questions in Quiz could compete for the main prize. Having finished the contest, we analyzed the data and decided to share the most interesting facts about Quiz passing.

So, 37% of users out of the total number of participants scored the minimum required number of points, and 23% answered correctly 6 questions out of 10. Also, 13.4% of the players scored 7 points in Quiz. One in ten found the correct answers to 8 Quiz questions. A record 9 and 10 points scored by more than 1300 users!

It is noteworthy that the quiz players turned out to be very curious: every second user passed the quiz 2 or more times.

In addition, IQeon Quiz Giveaway got a truly international character: users from 124 countries took part! The most active were the players from Asian countries (more than 72%). They are followed by users from the countries of Americas, Europe and Africa.

We are pleased that Quiz game sparked keen interest among erudites from all over the world, and we thank everyone for active participation!

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