CBDO of IQeon will address the “GameExpo” conference in Minsk

Vitaliy Eremeychik – “GameExpo” in Minsk

Vitaliy Eremeychik’s presentation "Whether blockchain and game industry are compatible?" will take place on 6 September at 12 p.m. (UTC).

The expert will trace the history of blockchain games and explain why it is the logical evolutionary stage of all video game market. He will tell about the new monetization model, distributed ledger technology, and its advantages for users and developers. Also, Vitaliy Eremeychik will explain how blockchain projects became a prospective business direction from another experiment and how some large gamedev companies develop it.

The presentation would be interesting to novice developers and experienced players, who want to monetize their in-game achievements. Its recording in English will be published on IQeon.io and the official IQeon Youtube-channel at a later date.

Vitaliy Eremeychik is an expert in blockchain and business development, CBDO of IQeon since 2019. His background is more than 10 years in project management. 

“GameExpo Minsk” is the largest exhibition of game industry in Belarus. It will be held for the 3rd time and gather gamedev professionals yet again. According to preliminary estimates, there will be more than 10.000 participants. “GameExpo Minsk” is held jointly with “UNICON Convention”. It is the festival of sci-fi, fantasy, comics and video games. Belarusian “UNICON” is held since 2012 according to the international “ComicCon” format.

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