Board of Cryptoprofessionals Gave IQeon Low-Risk Score

10 February 2018
4.8/5 rating (6 votes)
Board of Cryptoprofessionals Gave IQeon Low-Risk Score

ICORating platform placed IQeon among TOP5 active ICOs providing low risks for investments. It makes perfect sense as our PvP gaming platform is an already functioning product and the money raised during the ICO will be distributed to turn it into a genuine decentralized gaming hub with millions of users and hundreds of games from various game development companies presented there.

As you know due to the option of open API, IQeon is capable to place bets on the results of the games that are not hosted by the platforms. In the broader sense, the bet could be placed literally on anything: motivation activities, self-challenge, etc. The option of smart contracts will guarantee the fair payment to the winner in a blink of a second. The growing interest in our startup indicates the fact that we occupied our niche and have enormous potential to bind the cryptoworld with the gaming industry!

Stay with us, and get to know more about our revolutionary platform. Also, grasp the chance to become the happy owner of IQN tokens. The main tokens offer is on until March 13, 2018!



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