Blockchain games in the top: IQeon has been added to the top list of the best startups

IQeon is the best startup.

The IQeon project was added to the list of top technology startups in Estonia, according to the site

Every year the resource analyzes new projects in the computer sphere and makes ratings of the best based on the achievements of projects in the following categories:

  • advanced ideas and products,
  • innovative market entry,
  • exceptional growth,
  • outstanding development strategy,
  • management,
  • social impact.

At the same time, the resource team notes that they try to include both well-known brands and young companies in their ratings. Together with IQeon, the following startups were included: blockchain solutions company iOlite Labs, the Bauwise team, which created project management software focused on financial control for business; Positium offering analytical services and many others.

We are pleased with the high evaluation of the work of our team and strive to improve the gaming platform further!

*** is a resource operated by the London-based Fupping company. The goal of the project is to increase the flow of investments to European companies and start-ups, eliminating information asymmetries between small innovation teams and institutional investors.

Disclaimer: employees are not representatives of organizations mentioned in this and other materials as well as in publications in other information channels. Before further interaction with the mentioned services we strongly recommend you to read Terms&Conditions.



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