Stamina + talent = victory! We are announcing the top three players in August

Contest “Player of the Month” - August results

The August round of our Player of the Month contest is over! Who becomes the owner of bonus IQN?

According to the rules of the contest, those participants who won the maximum number of PvP matches during the month can get prize assets and become the best gamer.

In August 2021, the coolest results were demonstrated by:

  • 3asbaa, who won 75 competitions in a month and took the first place!
  • Silver medalist – BLACKEAGLE with 71 victories in August!
  • HermioneGranger closes the top three with 70 victories!

The gamer in the first place gets 10 bonus IQN deservedly! 5 IQN goes to the second player! And the one who closes the top three is awarded by 3 bonus IQN per game account!

Congratulations to the winners! We are proud of you!

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