IQeon is summing up the results of April!

IQeon – April 2021 results

IQeon sums up the results of April. What important happened during the month, read below.

Summing up the results of Games Marathon contest

Games Marathon competition with a prize pool of 900 IQN, which was held on the PvP gaming platform from March 29 to April 18, is over! For 21 days, participants had to fight in PvP matches, indicated on the IQeon interactive map.

The contest attracted about 550 players. The total number of matches played by marathoners in all 3 stages has reached 2,260 games!

The most active participants who kept the distance during at least one 7-day stage of the Games Marathon have already received their prizes to their gaming accounts!

The beginning of platform localization

IQeon team started to localize the gaming ecosystem into Chinese in order to expand the active audience of the platform and ensure the most comfortable interaction with the project's products.

At the moment, we’ve completed the translation of and  main blocks, as well as some of the most important legal documents of the project. Further improvement of the platform and language optimization of IQeon products will go simultaneously.

Collaboration with CoinSpeaker media portal

In April, IQeon introduced a new partner – CoinSpeaker media source, which covers news of finance, stocks, technology, fintech, blockchain, cryptocurrency, payments and trade. The portal publishes news, technical upgrades, daily and weekly market updates, interviews with experts and much more.

Thanks to this partnership, IQeon project will be able to expand its influence in the information space and attract more talented players to the platform.

Rewarding the best platform players

Earlier this month, we summarized the results of the March race for the best platform player title and determined three winners. The champion received 10 bonus IQN, the silver medalist won 5 IQN, and the last top 3 player was rewarded with 3 bonus IQN.

PvP gaming platform changes:

  • the display of text on after changing the language has been fixed;
  • the operation of the user chat of the gaming platform has been optimized:
  • the light and dark versions of the website have been improved;
  • the bug caused by the visualization of some elements and blocks on has been eliminated;
  • the bugs in the games module have been fixed.

Top cryptocurrency you’d better not buy and mine in May 2021

In April issue of the blog, IQeon experts talked about the main cryptocurrencies that are not the best alternatives for a crypto portfolio in May 2021. They also mentioned the relevance of holding and mining at the current time, compared their advantages and disadvantages, and named the best and worst coins for each of the processes.


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