Who came out on top in March?

“Best player of the month” – March results

Summing up the results of March round of the “Best Player of the Month” contest and announcing the names of the winners!

We remind you that in order to get prize IQN and the title of the best platform player, participants need to win the most matches within 30 days on IQeon.com.

In March, the following players appeared to be the best and brightest:

1st place – Boroda, who won 491 matches!

2nd place – Yuuma, who gained the upper hand in 380 games within a month!

3rd place – EyeOfTheTiger, who beat opponents in 374 PvP battles!

And now it’s time for the icing on the cake: March champion gets 10 bonus IQN! Silver medalist wins 5 IQN! And the user who took third place is rightfully rewarded with 3 bonus IQN which will be credited to the gaming account!

Congratulations to the winners! We are proud of your achievements!

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