3 Trezor Wallets are Already Waiting for New Owners

3 Trezor Wallets are Already Waiting for New Owners

Dear friends, we would like to remind you that since November 15, 2018, we have been running a giveaway of 3 offline wallets designed by Trezor. The last day of participation is December 15, 2018. The benefit of offline wallets is the highest level of security they provide. As soon as we made it possible to store IQN with Trezor wallets we would like to introduce you to the world of safe crypto trade.

It’s super easy to participate in the giveaway. Just complete the following actions: first of all, follow us in your social networks, the links to IQeon pages are provided below. Then, create your personalized account with IQeon. And, finally, share the information about the IQeon giveaway through your social network accounts.

Please, remember that the contest is already in full swing and there are only 10 days left to take part in it. The Trezor wallets are waiting to obtain their lucky owners. The more active you are in IQeon community, the more chances you have to win. Don’t forget that absolutely anyone could compete for our three wonderful prizes. Don’t miss your chance! Store IQN with Trezor wallets.

IQeon Community Event - Trezor One Giveaway


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