1 Day Left Only to Get Additional 10% of IQN

26 February 2018
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1 Day Left Only to Get Additional 10% of IQN

IQeon ICO is one of the biggest events of 2018. We are claimed to be among the most promising startups and given high rates by various ranking platforms. IQeon is a decentralized PvP gaming ecosystem providing ample opportunities to earn real money on your gaming experience.

The Fourth Round of IQeon ICO lasts for one more day and brings you the chance to get IQN tokens with additional 10% Bonus. Hurry up, the next and the final, Fifth Round of ICO lasting for two weeks will bring you only 5% Bonus.

We are happy to have you around and managed to raise more than $1.9M already, we have reached the soft cap mark and are heading toward the hard cap. IQeon team is extremely grateful to everyone participating in the ICO. We are lucky to have the best community!



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