IQeon Pre-ICO is Closed Ahead of Time

IQeon Pre-ICO is Closed Ahead of Time

Presale (Round 1) results:

IQeon round 1 finished

Amount of contributions and token transfers are available by links:

Dear friends, we are happy to announce that the rest of IQN issued for the presale has been purchased through a lavish contribution (7.4 BTC) by one of our supporters. Due to that the smart contract is closed and the payments are not taken anymore.

Everyone who made transactions that didn’t go through and came back to you before you see this news post would still obtain IQN equal to the sum contributed.

Please, write to our support through Telegram channel, send us an inquiry to our email or go with the online consultant and you will get IQN with the 50% discount as it was during the pre-ICO (1 ETH = 700 IQN).

Due to the strong interest from your side to the project, we decided to provide a special offer for you. Additional IQeon tokens presale starts on January 8th! Don’t miss your chance!

Stay tuned to get more details about the project and the conditions of the additional IQN presale.



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