IQeon platform unique functionality makes life easier

IQeon platform unique functionality makes life easier

IQeon is a revolutionary decentralized PvP platform bringing the benefits of the gaming industry closer to end-users. Firstly, it facilitates the monetization process that right now is only available for a very small percentage of players. Secondly, it allows bet placement on the results of any game hosted on the platform. Moreover, through the open API provided by the development team, users of the platform could place bets on the result of any game. Thirdly, the platform users get access to popular cryptocurrencies through the inbuilt exchanger. Fourthly, IQeon platform provides an opportunity to fiat the internal platform currency.

Let’s dig into the detailed list of benefits IQeon gaming ecosystem is bringing to players and developers.

Why is IQeon profitable for gamers?

  1. All games you like are located on one platform.
  2. The score gained in any game could be easily monetized into IQN.
  3. IQN could be easily transferred from one game to another.
  4. IQN earned could be easily exchanged into other cryptocurrencies.
  5. IQN could be exchanged into fiat.

Why is IQeon profitable for game developers?

  1. IQeon SDK is open source.
  2. IQeon API is provided.
  3. Small commission fees, only 10% comparing to 30% provided by App Store and Google Play.
  4. Game developers receive commissions from each bet.
  5. Loyalty programs for IQeon partnering organizations are offered.

In case you have any questions or inquiries about IQeon platform functionality, please, write to us and don’t forget to participate in the main tokens offer that we are running right now!



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