IQeon is summing up the results of September!

IQeon - results of September 2021

IQeon sums up the results of September. Read below what has happened in the past month.

IQeon has been added to the rating of the best projects in Estonia

The platform has been added to the list of top technology startups in Estonia, according to The portal annually analyzes new projects in the computer field and makes ratings of the best based on the achievements of projects in such categories as advanced ideas and products, innovative entry to the market, and so on.

Listing IQeon on, a website that collects information about gaming news that supports distributed ledger technology and rewards its users with digital assets, has added the IQeon gaming platform and the IQN asset to the listing. Due to the placement of ecosystem products on, even more crypto enthusiasts from all over the world will be able to learn about our project.

Partnership with the Liquidary portal

Dear friends, we continue to establish new connections in the crypto space and present a new IQeon partner - Liquidary, a news portal about digital assets, promotions and startups! Readers of the resource can find out the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, the current cost of coins and the rating of their popularity, as well as information about the most interesting projects in the cryptosphere.

The termination of the competition from on the occasion of IQN listing

The competition announced by the crypto exchanger on the occasion of the IQN listing has finished. According to its terms, participants registered on the exchanger's website and purchased IQN. Five lucky ones, selected by a random number generator, have already received prizes for their crypto wallets. Congratulations to the winners!

Participation in #Playful: A NFT & DeFi Summit

On September 29, CMO of the IQeon project Hanna Lemiasheuskaya joined a large-scale online conference dedicated to NFT and DeFi. During the event, participants were able to discuss topics such as the relationship between digital artists and the environment, the state of cryptocurrency regulation, flash loans, economic attacks and many others.

ABCs from IQeon: what is the difference between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

In "ABC from IQeon" section, in which our team simply and easily explains complex concepts from the world of digital assets, there is a new issue dedicated to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. The experts explained what these concepts mean, and also talked about their similarities and differences.

Awarding the best players in August

Earlier this month, we summarized the results of the August race for the title of the best player on the platform. Three winners were determined. The first place winner received 10 bonus IQN, the silver medalist won 5 IQN, and the last top 3 player was awarded 3 bonus IQN.

The long-awaited bitcoin update: what will change in the system?

Taproot is the first bitcoin upgrade in four years, unanimously approved by miners around the world. But what exactly will this version of the network change? IQeon experts tried to answer this question.

How to mine cryptocurrency on hard drives?

We will tell you how to mine cryptocurrency on HDD and SSD, which models are suitable for mining, how to mine Chia cryptocurrency step by step, and calculate the benefits of this process.

Stay up to date with the main events in the life of the project - follow the news on the website and in the official Telegram chat.



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