IQeon is summing up October results!

IQeon - October 2021 results.

IQeon sums up the results of October. Read below what has happened in the past month.

IQN is now available on Livecoinwatch

Livecoinwatch, an analytical online platform with 9657 coins and 314 exchanges. It contains graphs of changes in the value of currencies, information on capitalization, ratings of the popularity of coins and tokens, a list of exchanges - that is, everything that is needed for analysis before investing and trading has added IQN to the list of Livecoinwatch digital asset monitoring portal.

Due to the listing, IQN holders will receive more convenient tools for monitoring a digital asset.

Rewarding the best platform players

Earlier this month, we summarized the results of the September race for the best platform player. We chose three winners. The first-place winner received 10 bonus IQN, the silver medalist won 5 IQN, and the last top 3 player was rewarded with 3 bonus IQN.

The Fear and Greed Index – is it the first assistant to the trader?

Analyzing the situation in the stock market is the first thing traders pay attention to before buying or selling digital assets. Today, the best tool to do this is the fear and greed index. To find out what the term means, how to use it, and how accurate it is, IQeon experts explained

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