IQeon is summing up the results of May!

IQeon - May 2022 results.

IQeon sums up the results of the month. Below we share with you the important things that happened during this period in our team and project.

Technical development

The IQeon team believes in the importance of constant progress, values continuous development and understands that in the current realities one cannot stand in one place. For this reason, throughout May, we supported existing projects so that they functioned without failures, and also engaged in the development of new plans and ideas.

Our ideas are still in the development stage, but we look forward to the day when we can already voice them to you!

Website optimization and SEO promotion

The uninterrupted operation of the site and easy access to it is one of the important tasks of our specialists. We value the comfort of users, so last month we were actively working on optimizing the platform.

Constant SEO-promotion does not allow us to leave the top positions in search engines, so we devote a significant part of our time to this area. Development in SEO allows us to expand the IQeon community and the number of users who learn about our projects.


May turned out to be an important period for us in the negotiations. The leadership of the team has held a large number of meetings during this period and discussed a number of potential partnerships. All of them can be the beginning of interesting collaborations and expand the horizons of the team and projects!



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