IQeon is summing up the results of March!

IQeon - March 2022 results

IQeon sums up the results of March. Here's what happened during the month below.

Presentation of the catalog of games IQ Clash

We continued to acquaint you with the developments included in the IQeon ecosystem and presented to your attention the catalog of IQ Clash games. IQ is a catalog of over 50 games from beloved classics to innovative genres. And they are available in several formats.

Presentation of the PvP platform

Another development that can even be called the heart of the ecosystem is, a PvP gaming platform that brings together games, applications and services based on intellectual competition between users. Players earn an IQN digital asset on their achievements with the help of it.

IQN token as part of the ecosystem

Along with the transformation of IQeon into a large fintech project due to objective reality and increased demand for the gaming industry and the cryptosphere, the service token of the IQN platform has become a kind of “artery” of the entire IQeon ecosystem, which now includes not only gaming, but also financial direction. We tell out it in a more detailed way.

Presentation of crypto exchange

Having transformed into a fintech project, our ecosystem now includes a financial direction. One example of work in this area is the crypto exchange. Crypto exchanger is a multi-currency exchange service that allows you to profitably and quickly exchange, buy and sell digital and fiat assets. At the moment, the platform offers its customers 196 areas of possible operations.

Exit scam, or how to protect your finances from scammers?

With the growth of the cryptocurrency market, unfortunately, new types of fraud appear, causing significant damage not only to asset holders, but also to the reputation of the entire cryptosphere. To protect yourself “from the enemy”, you need to know him by sight.

IQeon experts explained what does it mean and how such a process is carried out.

What does token burning mean and why is it needed?

In order to bypass the volatility of tokens and ensure the stability of the economy, one has to resort to various manipulations. One of them is token burning. IQeon experts explainedwhat does it mean and how such a process is carried out.

Cryptocurrency fork: who and how can make money on it?

Despite the fact that a fork is the technical side of the cryptosphere, having an idea of what it is is useful for both traders and investors. IQeon experts explained e meaning of the concept and how you can earn using it.

The importance of diversifying your cryptocurrency portfolio

Portfolio diversification can be called the “golden rule of the investor”, since the distribution of investments allows you to protect your savings from risks. IQeon experts explainwhy this concept is especially relevant for the cryptocurrency industry.



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