IQeon is summing up the results of February!

IQeon - February 2022 results.

IQeon is summing up the results of February. Read what happened during the month below.

IQN has been listed on BitGlobal

Dear friends, we are pleased to announce the listing of the IQN digital asset on the BitGlobal exchange.

From February 21, from 11:00 (UTC+8) IQN in the list of available currencies on the exchange, and on the same day from 16:00 (UTC+8), the first trading of the asset began on the platform, which has established itself as a major and reliable cryptocurrency player. market.

Competition for the purchase of IQN on the exchange

The listing of the IQN token on the BitGlobal platform has occurred. Of course, we could not leave this event unattended, so we wanted to share our joy and this was not the only thing! On February 21, a two-stage competition on the BitGlobal exchange with the opportunity to win $ 5,000 to buy IQN started!

Acquaintance with the new components of a fintech project: IQGamm presentation

Ecosystem IQeon is a European startup developing modern technology products. For the convenience of users, the team creates a whole series of products, among which there is the IQGamm gaming portal, which can become an excellent assistant for planning gaming leisure.

AMA session with IQeon

On the 24th of February, anyone could ask, CMO of the IQeon, Hanna Lemiasheuskaya, questions of interest, concerning the project. The conditions of participation were as follows: be a subscriber of the BitGlobal Telegram channel and ask your questions in the specified messenger. Five randomly selected lucky participants have already received $10 to buy IQN!

Bitcoin Alternatives: Why one should learn about them?

The most popular and expensive crypto coin today is Bitcoin, which became the first project of its kind. But specialists wishing to repeat its success began to develop alternative projects based on unique blockchain networks independent of the first payment system. IQeon experts explained why alternative coins are worth our attention and how to make the right choice when investing.

How to protect yourself from cryptojacking?

With the development of the cryptosphere, the emergence of new altcoins and the improvement of methods for mining digital assets, the so-called illegal mining has appeared, which is also called cryptojacking. IQeon experts told what one needs to know about this phenomenon and how to protect yourself from it.

Why are atomic swaps promising?

The cryptosphere can rightly be called a quite ambitious area that is constantly expanding and improving.In particular, today the crypto community is actively discussing a revolutionary development called atomic swaps. IQeon experts revealed what its essence is.

What are the prospects for derivatives in the crypto market?

The high volatility of crypto assets encourages traders to find and use various “tricks” to increase income and reduce risks. One such option is crypto derivatives. IQeon experts told what it is, why they appeared and how to make money on them.



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