IQeon will adopt smart contracts to boost the productivity of the platform

IQeon will adopt smart contracts to boost the productivity of the platform

IQeon - an ecosystem that integrates games, applications and services based on intellectual competitions between the users (Player vs Player). To confirm the invariability and reliability of the conditions of each competition (bet), as well as to ensure their implementation, developers have implemented Smart contracts. The technology works on the basis of Ethereum blockchain, as well as the platform's own token - IQN.

What is a smart contract?

Smart contract technology is widely used in many spheres beginning from governmental, running unbiased elections and ending up with finances, concluding business contracts. This is a special protocol designed for parties to participate in negotiations, check the terms, implement agreements and monitor the performance of the contract. Everything is provided on automated basis due to the Blockchain technology. The implementation of smart contracts allows the participants making reliable, monitored and irreversible transactions without the involvement of third parties. The smart contract contains all the information about the terms of the contract, and guarantees that the actions provided by the contract are performed automatically.

We are one of the first solutions at the world’s scale to allow organizing PvP competitions on fixed conditions and assure the players of getting the winning payment instantly through the Smart contract technology. Thus, the winning is automatically transferred to the player’s wallet. Also users can connect to any online games (from chess to Warcraft), which take place outside the platform. This is possible thanks to the open API of the IQeon gaming platform. Enjoy the game, improve your intellectual skills and monetize your achievements!

Dear friends, we also would like to remind you to follow our news through social networks and the messaging channels and support us by purchasing IQN during the tokens presale that lasts until December 24, 2017! There is very little time left, don’t miss your chance!

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