IQeon Development Update - November

IQeon Development Update - November

Dear friends! There were several key updates in the development of IQeon during the past month. Today you will learn the latest details on preparations for the upcoming platform launch. We’ll also cover the progress of IQeon Wallet development and share our plans with you.

Personal Account

Updated personal account with new design and features is already available! Now all users can add or remove their wallets, see balances in accordance with the current cryptocurrency exchange rate and track the history of transactions.

All user data from an existing account is automatically synchronized with the IQeon platform which means additional registration in the future will not be required.

IQeon Platform

The first stage of closed testing for game developers was successfully completed, our team made complex data analysis and the testing process continues with new tasks.

At the moment, the following interim results have been achieved:

  • Extension of Game API for integrations
  • Added new competition type "Lobby", allowing to determine the winner from a larger number of participants
  • Many other functional improvements

Don't miss your chance! IQeon is recruiting to Closed Beta Testing of the platform among the most active community members. Do you like games and know what early access is? Then you still have time to apply for the participation and become one of the first to get acquainted with the capabilities of IQeon and contribute to the development before the release of platform beta version.

IQeon Wallet

Development of the IQeon Wallet is in full swing - our team managed to integrate the app with the platform, which gives the option to easily export the wallet from the platform into IQeon Wallet app, with subsequent activation.

Also, during this month we’ve made our best to improve the mechanisms for displaying competitions in which the user took part. One of the most important aspects of these works was the confirmation of participation in the competition through push notifications.

Future Plans

The team sets ambitious goals for the next month, on December 11 we will share the results of our decision on applications received from beta testers and move on to the stage of closed testing for players! This stage will be crucial for the transition to the first version of the platform - IQeon Open Beta.

We are looking forward to the next dev-updates and will be glad to provide you with every detail of our progress. Don’t forget to follow the news here, at the website and in IQeon social media!



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