IQeon Development report – August 13th, 2019.
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IQeon Development Update – August 13th

General platform changes, new visual effects, improvements of the “Crashy Racing” game!

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IQeon Giveaway - the 2nd stage
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The 2nd stage of “IQeon Giveaway” prepares awards for the most active players!

The 2nd stage of the contest with the prize fund of 200 IQN will be held from 13 to 26 of August in IQeon communities.

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Weekly Сhallenge in August
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The prize of 5 IQN to the best player of the week!

“Weekly Challenge” contest due to run in August.

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IQeon - results of July 2019
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IQeon sums up the results of July

New crypto-gaming partners, accession to the European Fintech Alliance, contests “Weekly Challenge” and “IQeon Quiz”, and also platform’s updates. Briefly about important events in July.

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IQeon Giveaway
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Take part in “IQeon Giveaway” with the prize fund of 450 IQN!

“IQeon Giveaway” starts in IQeon communities on the 1st of August. Don’t miss it!

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Weekly Challenge on 5 IQN on July
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“Weekly Challenge” is available now for everybody!

Every week we announce the game, in which players have a chance to win 5 IQN to gaming account.

04 July 2019 Read Full
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