Game Developers Have Finally Found their Perfect Solution - IQeon

16 February 2018
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Game Developers Have Finally Found their Perfect Solution - IQeon

Dear IQeon gaming ecosystem followers, you already know that our management team took part in the White Nights Conference and today we are ready to provide you with more details and describe the success our first revolutionary platform had at the conference.

Once the project was showcased, Vadim Dovgutchits, our CEO received tons of questions from various companies. As the result, we managed to negotiate with 14 game developers about the ways their games and apps could be integrated into IQeon platform. This fact, in turn, will attract hundreds of thousands new gamers to the platform. We were the only gaming project developed with the help of Blockchain technology and a big number of game development companies were amazed how many benefits our system could bring to them.

It’s definitely pleasing to realize that you are doing something truly right, useful and profitable! Moreover, our team stressed out the point that we are running the the main tokens crowdsale and anyone could participate in it. Purchase IQN and get 15% Bonus at the same time!



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