ICon cryptocurrency made it to YoBit exchange

ICon cryptocurrency made it to YoBit exchange

YoBit is not only a classy trading platform with the traded value of $32M and the user traffic more than 27M per month, it is one of the few exchanges to offer an extremely wide range of currencies for trade. In accordance with Coinmarketcap 24 Hour Volume Rankings, YoBit is among TOP 35 crypto exchanges.

Quite recently, the platform introduced the investment opportunities for its users. The option is called ‘Investbox’ and provides YoBit users with the possibility to earn. YoBit has the investment plan and in case any user has some particular sum of free coins available for investment on a particular day, then they could participate in ‘Investbox’ getting in their pockets from 0.1% to 10% per day.

YoBit management claims that ‘Investbox’ is a 100% secure solution to get the profit and bring new deposits to the platform. IQeon ran a session successful negotiations and is happy to announce that right after the end of ICO, IQN (IQeon cryptocurrency) will be able for trade on YoBit.

Dear IQeon followers and users of our decentralized gaming platform, don’t forget that our main token offer ends on March 13, 2018, and we are still waiting for your participation. Let us build the bright future of the gaming world together!



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