A real bargain IQN purchase on the occasion of listing on BitGlobal

BitGlobal competition to buy IQN.

Dear friends! To celebrate the listing of the IQN token on the BitGlobal platform, we are pleased to announce a unique opportunity to receive as much as $5,000 to purchase IQN!

The competition will consist of two stages with a common time period from February 21 to March 2!

To participate in the contest, it is necessary:

  • Register on the BitGlobal platform.
  • Pass a KYC2* check.
  • Buy IQN.
  • Expect prize money.

Remember: the sooner and more actively you start trading, the bigger the reward will be!

During the event users will be ranked according to their total net IQN purchases. Each member will receive 5% of the net purchase of IQN (up to $100).

The total prize pool for the purchase of IQN will be $3,000!

In addition, users have the opportunity to participate in a drawing with a prize pool of $2,000 to buy IQN.

To participate it is necessary:

  • Be a registered BitGlobal user.
  • Pass verification.
  • Diversify portfolio with BTC/ETH/USDT by buying IQN.
  • Get on the top list.

During the event, all BitGlobal users will be ranked according to their BTC/ETH/USDT holdings, and the top 500 users will receive $4 IQN airdrops.

Within a week after the final of the competition, all the winners will receive their rewards!

Diversify your portfolio by acquiring IQN to get maximum profit!

Have successful trading!

*Note: Level 2 verification (KYC2) requires uploading a photo of the front and back of a valid certificate, as well as a mandatory photo of the person.


In case of disputes regarding the rules and results of the competition, the final decision is made by the BitGlobal exchange reserves the right to cancel the reward if any fraud or foul play is found.

Risk Warning: Digital assets are very risky investment products and their price can fluctuate significantly. It is recommended to evaluate your financial situation before making decisions about investments or trading in digital assets.

The event is not sponsored, endorsed, operated by or affiliated with Apple Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliates.



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