IQeon platform closed beta launch

IQeon platform closed beta launch

Dear friends!

Thanks to a huge amount of applications received from the players and developers, as well as the hard work of the IQeon team, we are happy to announce the first stage of the Closed Beta Testing of our platform, which will begin on November 12th. This stage will cover testing of Game Owners interfaces, games integration, basic token economy and many other important elements of the IQeon platform.

The first stage of Beta will be entirely focused on the developers and games integration. During the short term they will be able to:

  • Conduct Testing of the Game Owners section
  • Connect their games using the Game API
  • Test the game moderation system

But that is not all! We also want to announce that additional closed beta invitations for developers are still available.

Only 30 invites were given to developers before the first stage and 20 applications have already been received from those who decided to join us. Do not miss your chance to get access to the development tools and be among the first to appreciate the benefits of a new gaming crypto platform we are building here at IQeon!

What to expect after this stage?

All feedback received from the developers will be processed and updates will be implemented to the platform over several short sprints. The first stage of the closed beta will become a solid foundation in preparation for the second stage - player testing.

If you enjoy playing games and want to earn money using your intellectual achievements, but still haven’t applied for Beta on the site - be sure to do so! At the moment, more than 5,000 applications for participation in testing have already been received, and new requests are warmly welcomed.

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