IQeon Development Update – September 4

IQeon development report – September 4, 2020.

Dear friends! We would like to present our new report on the development of IQeon platform for the period from August 6 to September 3, 2020.

General platform changes:

  • “My IQN” tab has been updated. In particular, new approaches to the solutions of the tasks from partners have been implemented, as well as displaying video has been improved on this tab.
  • The pop-up notification during transaction processing has been added. There is a special alert now which appears if the withdrawal amount is less than 2 IQN and over 50 IQN.  
  • Light and dark versions of the platform have been improved. This option automatically changes depending on the browser theme. 
  • The function when the platform language is the same with the language of the browser has been updated.
  • The content of the “FAQ” block has been updated. 

User profile:

  • The configuration of the “Games History” tab has been optimized. Now, what is displayed is only a game name, prize pool and an amount of won and lost IQN. You need to tap “+” to view further information about a finished match. 
  • Restrictions on the information that may be included into a personal profile have been added. Thus, upper and lower bounds of date of birth tab were set and the banned word list was expanded. 
  • Restrictions on displaying user nicknames on the platform chat and the “Best players of the month” block have been added. Now, only the first fifteen characters of a player’s name are available.  
  • The “Activity Log” tab has been hidden from “My games” page. 

Platform interface:

  • Elements on the “Statistics” tab have been adapted to the user’s screen resolution.  
  • The “Support” button has been added to the top bar of the platform. Thus, authorized users can switch instantly to the feedback form by tapping the question icon which is next to a user profile picture icon.   
  • The bug with displaying inactive tabs in profile settings while zooming a page has been fixed. Now, only the main profile sections are available with 1.5x zoom.


  • User IP address verification during the registration process is available now. This would prevent multi-accounting and strengthen the platform security. 

Games module:

  • Displaying answers in the “Quiz” game has been improved. Now, long answers are shown correctly in a few lines. 

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