IQeon Development Update – September 10th

Weekly Сhallenge в сентябре

Dear friends! We would like to present our new development report about IQeon platform for the period from August 28 to September 9.

General platform changes:

  • The game chat, where authorized platform  users can communicate, was added;
  • Rating of the best players of the month was created. The top players’ nicknames, who won the most number of times within a month are available in the sidebar of the platform;
  • Display of the recent deposits on the platform was configured. Thanks to that users can track IQN transferring online;
  • The “In developing” section appeared on the games selection’s bar. There will be games, which are planned to be added on the platform. The section will be completed shortly;
  • The “Download client” button was added. In the future, IQeon client will allow to run energy-intensive products from users’ PC without using a browser and prevent possible trouble launching of games on users’ devices;

IQeon dev up 10/09/2019

  • Login and registration on the platform were simplified. Thanks to that, users can login to their accounts using any social media (Facebook and VK), provided that their pages have  the same email address;
  • Registration process was improved. reCAPTCHA was added and push notifications were hidden when filling out the registration form. 

Important information! Today is the last day, when you can take part in the 3rd stage of the “IQeon Giveaway” contest! Hurry up to win dizzying awards! 

Stay up to date with all the project events – follow the news on our website and in the official Telegram-chat.



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