IQeon Development Update – October 7

IQeon Development report – October 7, 2020


Dear friends! We would like to present our new report on the development of IQeon platform for the period from September 4 to October 6, 2020.

General platform changes:

  • The dark version of the platform was optimized. In particular, the display of icons, buttons and text information in the player's personal account has been improved.
  • The multilanguage support of the website was upgraded. When switching languages, the names of sections and blocks, as well as the text in pop-up notifications are displayed without errors.
  • The code was checked to identify potential vulnerabilities of the gaming platform website and its security was enhanced.
  • The page with bonuses has been optimized: the "Starting" block and the general design of the section have been improved. Moreover, bugs caused by displaying bonus IQN that should be received after completing tasks in the reward system have been fixed.
  • The section with the best players of the month on the main page of the website has been updated. Now usernames exceeding 15 characters are displayed correctly.

User profile:

  • The display of the player's personal account on the platform has been upgraded. In particular, the horizontal scrolling function for viewing data on the page has been fixed, and a dark theme for the “Balance” block has been added.
  • A color choice for the users’ profile pictures who haven’t uploaded a picture to their profile has been implemented. Now, depending on the first letter of the nickname, the player is assigned a specific avatar color.
  • The number of characters for the player's nickname has been limited. Now its length should not exceed 45 characters.

Mobile version of the platform:

  • The “Balance” block in the player's personal account was adapted for viewing in the mobile version of
  • The color display of text information in the user profile has been fixed. In addition, the size of the buttons and titles of various subsections of the personal account was adapted.

Games module:

  • The game results’ window that appears during free matches has been changed. Now each battle’s result is displayed correctly for each participant.

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