IQeon Development Update - October

IQeon Development Update - October

Dear friends! Our team continues to improve the platform, we are updating basic functions and of course, are actively preparing for the launch of the final product. Today, we are glad to introduce you our October Development report, where you can get the most up to date information about the beta-testing preparations, details on the upcoming User Account update and the progress of IQeon Wallet development.

Personal Account

In the previous report, we’ve introduced the upgrade of the Personal Account and a possibility to customize user's profile. The next step is a complete integration of the following system into the IQeon platform. Such integration means that you won’t need to make a separate account for gaming by the time of the platform’s launch - all the data will be synchronized.

If you are looking forward to the implementation of this update of our ecosystem - then you must know that Personal Account at our website will once again be available starting from November 9th, right before the launch of a platform’s closed beta-testing for game developers.

All the existing users will need to pass a simple account activation procedure and change their password. We’ll be sending the details by email, so don’t miss it out.

IQeon Platform

The announcement of the exact date for developers beta-testing didn’t pass unnoticed and preparations for this stage of the IQeon platform release are in full swing. The final tests of the Developers Account and implementation of all necessary changes are being done. At the moment, the following functions are undergoing one more additional review inside the team:

  • connecting the applications to the IQeon platform
  • creating and editing the application’s description and meta
  • competitions and the gained profit statistics system

Check out this video if you are interested to see how exactly does Developers Account look like now:

IQeon Wallet

IQeon team continues to work on improving the our Wallet functionality. The first tests in Ropsten network were successful, moreover, an updated design was introduced this month. Here are some of the UI snapshots for better understanding of the general picture:

The wallet will soon be integrated into the platform and we will provide you with a detailed information on new opportunities that will become available with the full release of IQeon Wallet.

Future Plans

We’d like to remind you, that the first stage of platform’s closed beta-testing will begin on November 12th. The project team together with game developers will test the platform, launch several games and add some updates to our systems before the next stage of Beta.

There is not much time left before the launch of the IQeon platform. We are looking forward to the next dev-updates and will be glad to provide our users with every detail of our progress.

The exact date of Beta testing for Players will be announced shortly after the start of closed beta for Developers. Follow our news on website and IQeon social medias to get all the information first!



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