IQeon PvP-platform Development Update – November 5

IQeon Development report – November 5, 2020

Dear friends! We would like to present our new report on the development of IQeon platform for the period from October 8 to November 4, 2020.

General platform changes:

  • An opportunity to monitor bonus IQN balance was added to the player's personal account. Now users can check the amount of IQN earned for completing steps in the reward system in a separate block under the "Balance" tab.
  • The reward system page was optimized. In particular, the design and color composition of the section have been improved, the display of the guide for authorized and unauthorized users and screen tips while completing tasks has been fixed.
  • The bug that affected user balance change after a PvP match with IQN prize pool has been eliminated. Now the amount of digital assets in the player's account is updated immediately after the end of the battle.
  • The language versions of the gaming platform have been improved. At the moment, when a user changes the language on the website, the data is displayed correctly.
  • The bug that led to the incorrect display of information about transactions with bonus IQN has been fixed.

User profile:

  • The dark theme of the platform has been improved. In particular, the display of the player’s profile and the page with the user's personal information has been updated.

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