IQeon Development Update – May 28th

IQeon Update 28.05.2019

Dear friends! We would like to present our new development report of the IQeon platform for the period of May 14 - 28.

Games’ section:

  • "Account" and "History" tabs were removed from the games' menu. You can find out wins and losses information in the “My games” section now;
  • The ability to set players count during the match creation was added;
  • Nicknames of players who left the match are painted in grey color now;
  • Sound of the game finish was updated.

Gameplay improvements:

  • Black Hole Rush - there is no problem with the speeding during diagonal movement now;
  • Survival Shooter - surrounding textures were improved and weapon reload was added;
  • Spin Breakout - counter of hits removed from the center of the circle;
  • Curvy Path - controls were revised. You can now move the ball without clicking the mouse.

Stay up to date with all the project events - follow the news on our website and in the official Telegram-chat.



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