IQeon PvP-platform Development Update – February 4

IQeon Development report – February 4, 2021

Dear friends! We would like to present our new report on the development of IQeon platform for the period from January 5 to February 3, 2021.

General platform changes:

  • The display of transactions’ data carried out by the user was fixed. Now, the pop-up window shows the relevant information instead of the code.
  • The bug caused by digital assets pending in the Withdraw lock status when they meant to be withdrawn from the platform has been eliminated. This operation is now performed correctly.
  • The improvement of the language versions of the gaming platform is still underway.

User profile:

  • The restrictions on information entered in the personal profile were made. In particular, the list of swear words that are unacceptable to use as a nickname on the platform has been expanded.

Bonus system:

  • The bug caused by displaying tasks on the "Starting" section has been fixed. Now all the steps are available for completion.
  • The display of steps in the guide for unauthorized users has been changed. In particular, the step “Become the player of the week” has been replaced by “Become the player of the month” in connection with the launch of the new IQeon competition.

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