IQeon Development Update – August 6

IQeon development report – August 6, 2020.

Dear friends! We would like to present our new report on the development of IQeon platform for the period from July 9 to August 5, 2020.

General platform changes:

  • Internal optimization of the platform is underway. In particular, the content on the pages with games was interlinked;
  • The section with tasks of the reward system has been improved, including the design of the "Contests" tab;
  • The block with the best players of the month, as well as the user chat on the platform have been changed. The section now displays three users with the best results for the month, and the chat field has been expanded to make it easier to view the latest messages;
  • Display of game status when the user ignores a request for a match with a stake has been fixed. Now, if the user has not responded to the offer to participate in the game, the notification status changes to “No response”;
  • A bug with updating a completed player’s session has been fixed. Now, if the session of using the gaming platform becomes inactive, the user is redirected to the page of authorization;
  • The dark version of the game platform has been improved. Now all elements and icons are displayed correctly;
  • The design of the player's personal account has been improved in the mobile version of the platform;
  • Improving the language version of the site is underway. Pop-ups with notifications are now displayed correctly in the language selected by the user.


  • The status of the KYC procedure has been added. Now the current status of the verification procedure is displayed in the personal account;
  • A bug with redirecting the user to the platform page when passing verification procedure has been fixed. Now it is easier to go through the KYC.

Games module:

  • The compilation of questions for the intellectual game Quiz is underway;
  • The design of the “Sound on/off” icons in the game interface has been improved.

Stay up-to-date with all the project events – follow the news on our website and in the official Telegram-chat.



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