IQeon Development Update – April 15


Dear friends! The IOeon platform continues its work in Open Beta-testing. There are several important updates that occurred from April 8th till April 12th and today you have a great opportunity to get to know more about them.

Last week we focused on modifying the Game catalog and My games section, therefore the following improvements were made:

  • Now the number of games specified in "My Games" section matches with the actual number of games in it;
  • Games list filtering was improved - now you can sort them by genre and category;
  • The timer has been reset to work correctly while waiting for an opponent in the Curvy Path game.

As promised, a new game appeared on the platform – Tachkoball, which combines elements of racing and football. Players will have to score goals with a huge ball into the opponent's goal, sitting behind the wheel of a car.

The IQeon team continues to evolve the project. Follow all the changes in the platform and important updates on our official website and in Telegram Chat.



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