Benefits IQeon Platform is Giving to Game Developers

Benefits IQeon Platform is Giving to Game Developers

IQeon provides a wide range of advantages to gamers and game developers.

1. IQeon SDK is open source

This posts tends to highlight the SDK provided by IQeon to facilitate the development of games and apps compatible with the platform. The IQeon SDK opens up numerous possibilities for the games programmers to save money, efforts and bring the final product to the end-users as soon as possible. IQeon platform provides the set of ready-made, frameworks, scenarios and game tool kits.

2. Small commission fees

IQeon offers a very decent commission fee when the game development company decides to get the revenue. Unlike to 30% commission being taken by App Store or Google Play, we are offering 10% commission when you exchange IQN, the platform tokens into fiat money.

3. Game developer receives the commission form each bet

In case the game you developed is placed on IQeon platform and the players are betting on the results of some competitions, the developers get the commission from every bet made.

Stay tuned, follow our latest news and send us your inquiries for cooperation. We value every user and partner. Moreover, right now we are running our pre-ICO. Buy IQN with the 50% discount, the offer is valid until December 24, 2017!



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