Architecture optimization and new questions: how we updated Quiz game

Quiz update

Friends, we are pleased to announce that an updated version of Quiz game is already available for platform users!

Today we will tell you what has been changed in the latest version of an exciting game for brain training and increase of intelligence level.


  • The main changes were made to the architecture of the game. The frontend and backend parts were significantly elaborated, new frameworks were used, which made it possible to organize a more efficient development process and stabilize the server;
  • The number of requests to the server has been optimized, which made it possible to activate accelerated loading of matches;
  • The in-game content was encrypted in order to improve data protection;
  • The loading speed of the quiz was increased thanks to the reducing the size of the executable files;
  • The bugs in the game were fixed. In particular, a delay while searching for an opponent has been eliminated. Opponents now join the match within 60 seconds.


  • More than 1000 new questions for different categories of the quiz have been compiled. In particular, some sections of the intellectual game have been updated.

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