Results of CryptoFest2017online-conference

Results of CryptoFest2017online-conference

During the largest in the past year international online-conference CryptoFest 2017 there were discussed such topics as: the pressing issues of blockchain sphere and peculiarities of implementing this technology in various fields, actual and perspective projects, marketing issues during the pre-ICO period, key trends and forecasts for 2018.

Among the most interesting and promising ICO projects presented by speakers, the organizer highlighted IQeon and recommended to consider this platform as an option for investments.

IQeon is the first decentralized gaming platform based on blockchain, which is going to bring radical changes into the game industry and allow players monetize their gaming and other e-sports achievements. The project opens wide prospects not only for gamers, but also for game-developers and investors.

IQeon organized draw of prizes among listeners who connected to the CryptoFest 2017 broadcast. The following active participants became the winners: Sergey Markelov, who won the IPhone 7, as well as Taisiya Kaibysheva, Sergey Ka and Inna Taradai, each of whom received $ 500 in the token draw.



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