Nakamoto's Den Investment Blockchain Conference: key takeways

Nakamoto's Den Investment Blockchain Conference: key takeways

A major event - Blockchain Investment Conference ended in Cyprus. As you know, IQeon was represented by Alexander Pavlov. We learned from firsthand - how will the blockchain sphere develop in the nearby future and why did this technology become massively implemented in Cyprus.

Many well-known blockchain experts, representatives of the gaming industry, investors and innovators shared their experiences during the conference, they talked about new trends in various business areas and discussed the future of a new, decentralized world. The topics of presentations varied, but they all concerned the blockchain in one way or another: from “Guerrilla marketing in the blockchain world” to “Why should one have Bitcoin”.

IQeon COO Alexander Pavlov not only established new contacts useful for the platform, but also got acquainted with the Cyprus experience of blockchain technology implementation

Cyprus is actively moving towards a decentralized future. For example, at the University of Nicosia since 2013, tuition fees have been accepted in Bitcoin, and since 2014, they have introduced the degree of “Master of Science in Digital Currency”. The popularity of blockchains in Cyprus owes much to the banking crisis of 2013, when digital currencies and blockchain solutions turned out to be an excellent alternative for keeping their savings.

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