IQeon representative spoke about the prospects for blockchain appliance

Yuriy Navadvorski - Career Today

On March 14, despite the general threat of coronavirus, Career Today conference, dedicated to the professional growth of IT specialists, took place in Minsk. Although the closure of borders in European countries prevented the presence of some speakers and participants, the conference nonetheless attracted more than 200 guests: developers, QA engineers, business executives, marketing specialists and representatives of other areas who are looking for opportunities to build a successful career in promising industry.

At the invitation of the organizers, Yuriy Navadvorski, CTO of IQeon project, delivered his speech at Career Today conference. He told about the possibilities of using blockchain technology in various fields from banking sector and gamedev to copyright and even electronic voting.

“In many areas where the usage of blockchain is possible, there are tools that successfully replace it at the moment. To implement this technology in electronic voting, land registry or copyright, state regulation is essential. Here we need a legislative base that would regulate the usage of distributed registry technology and give legal force to, for example, copyright objects that are entered into blockchain. Unless there is government support, it is less possible to significantly expand the application of this technology, ” – Yuriy explained to the audience.

Hot discussion erupted when discussing the benefits of blockchain over other tools. The conference audience was also interested in how widely distributed registry technology is used in Asian market.

Moreover, speakers discussed the key skills necessary for a technical specialist to achieve success in work, the technologies that are in demand in 2020, and growth strategies for developers who want to promote from the Middle to Senior level. Experts also came up with arguments in favor of what programmers should choose: work in the office or remote one, own startup or position in a company, and also talked about life hacks that will help specialists to resist professional burnout.

Guests could personally communicate with IT professionals, learn from the experience of qualified specialists, find out what difficulties they faced on their way and boost their motivation to reach new heights.

The video of Yuriy Navadvorski’s speech will be available on IQeon official Youtube channel very soon. Join our community in social networks, as well as in Telegram, to stay up to date with the latest project news!

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