IQeon news from Los Angeles

IQeon news from Los Angeles

IQeon Chief Operating Officer Alexander Pavlov took part in the Crypto Invest Summit conference, held a series of meetings and discussed opportunities for cooperation with potential partners and investors who showed interest in the project.

On October, 22-24 in Los Angeles during the conference more than 5,000 exhibitors and 1,500 investors from all around the globe, as well as representatives of more than 100 partner companies such as Apple, FOX Business, Bloomberg, The Crypto Watch, CNN, American Airlines and CNBC, discussed new and existing projects, as well as future market prospects. Most of the event’s participants were representing the interests of financial funds, crypto associations, investment companies, banks and other similar organizations.

A distinctive feature of this conference is one of the highest rates of interest from the side of professional investors in the presented projects. For instance, in May 2018, the companies that took part in the pitch at the Crypto Invest Summit attracted more than $ 124 million of investments. Great opportunities of attracting big investors opens up for companies participating in such an event.

The possibility of early access to Beta testing services for developers, which we recently announced, caused a great interest among Alexander’s interlocutors. Some of the companies, that were not game developers, but rather investors into blockchain and gaming projects, also sent beta requests to explore the possibilities provided by IQeon. Our team will try to showcase some details about the elements available for testing on the first stage in the next Dev-update.

Summing up, it is worth to note that the team is pleased with the results achieved at the conference and does not plan to dwell on this. We will inform you soon about new events and future activities aimed at increasing the interest in the project! Expect more news on the website and at IQeon social media!



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