The future of blockchain: IQeon joined Consensus online conference

Consensus: Distributed - IQeon

Last week, one of the largest and most significant events in the blockchain industry took place – Consensus: Distributed conference, which is annually organized by the famous media portal CoinDesk. Influential crypto community players, representatives of fintech and banking industries and many others became part of the event.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic raging in the world, organizers decided to adjourn the conference to online. Nevertheless, the unusual format didn’t prevent more than 10 thousand participants and 300 speakers from gathering.

During the event, from May 11 to 15, speakers discussed the possibilities and prospects of national cryptocurrencies, future development scenario for virtual money and their influence on domestic economies, the situation around miners after halving, the impact of coronavirus pandemic on the digital asset industry and much more.

IQeon project was represented by Denys Havrylenko, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The expert notes that all the most relevant topics that are of concern to fintech community were touched upon during the event. In addition, he managed to communicate with partners of the project and discuss prospects for further cooperation.

The attention of enthusiasts was grabbed by the presentation of our partners – Flipside Crypto company, which provides accurate and relevant business analytics of cryptocurrency projects. They presented a new product – Economic Suite, a set of dashboards that allows real-time tracking of the blockchain network metrics and asset ecosystem health. Using this tool, users will be able to identify factors affecting digital currency rate, analyze market demand, mining efficiency and much more. Thanks to the Economic Suite metric, blockchain projects teams will be able to adjust their development plan in order to effectively achieve their goals.

Disclaimer: employees are not representatives of organizations mentioned in this and other materials as well as in publications in other information channels. Before further interaction with the mentioned services we strongly recommend you to read Terms&Conditions.



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