IQeon CTO will give a speech at Career Today conference in Minsk

Yuriy Navadvorski – Career Today

IQeon CTO Yuriy Navadvorski will be a speaker of Career Today IT conference in Minsk (Belarus).

His speech on the topic “Why is it useful for IT professionals to learn blockchain technology” will take place on March 14 at 12:25 UTC.

The expert will speak about the main trends and technologies of the IT sphere in 2020, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, development of cloud solutions, as well as distributed registry technology. Yuriy will pay attention to the prospects of blockchain implementation in various fields, especially in online gaming.

Also, the expert will elaborate on the point of market demand for programmers with understanding blockchain principles and necessary skills for working with this technology.

The presentation will be interesting not only for novice developers, but also to everyone who wants to get acquainted with the distributed registry technology. Video of the performance will be available on IQeon official Youtube channel.

Yuriy Navadvorski – CTO of IQeon project, an expert in the development and management of projects in the field of insurance, consulting, blockchain and electronic commerce.

Career Today is an IT conference for Middle+ specialists. The event will bring together more than 400 guests and 12 speakers who will share real cases of working in projects, discuss technologies that are in demand in 2020 and talk about key skills for working in leading IT companies.

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