IQeon announces a competition for the smartest: think creatively and get a reward!

TG IQeon - competition.

Dear friends! The IQeon team is pleased to announce the start of a new intellectual competition! Think, be active and get a deserved reward!

We continue to encourage those who, like us, care about their intellectual development. The reward for activity combined with creativity is getting bigger and bigger!

Now every 2 days on the IQeon Telegram channel you will have a question waiting for you, to which you need to leave one or several interesting answers, thus demonstrating your ability to think.

The IQeon team will select the 10 most interesting answers for which tickets will be credited. You will learn that you have received them from the corresponding notification.

Attention! Tickets for one question will be credited for exactly 2 days, until the next question appears.

Every 2 weeks we will summarize the results, identifying the most active and creative of you, in accordance with the number of tickets collected over the past period.

The three leaders who will gain the most tickets in 2 weeks will receive a deserved reward:

  • The intellectual who will occupy 1st place will get 30 IQN;
  • Second participant - 20 IQN;
  • Bronze medalist - 10 IQN.

Conditions for participation in the competition

  • Subscribe to our Telegram channel, if suddenly you have not already done so.
  • Answer questions posted there, which will be updated every 2 days.
  • Collect tickets.
  • Wait for the results.

The total number of tickets you received can be checked in the "Balance" section, which is the link in the message that you will receive when they are credited.

Develop your abilities with us and be active!

Are you ready for the challenge?



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