IQeon - July 2020 results
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IQeon is summing up the results of July!

IQeon sums up the results of July. Telling what happened during the past month.

31 July 2020 Read Full
IQeon News

IQeon introduces AML and KYC standards into the platform

IQeon team implemented KYC/AML procedures into the gaming platform.

20 July 2020 Read Full
Ekaterina Shimanskaya – IQeon
IQeon News

Lead Human Resources Specialist Ekaterina Shimanskaya: “A person is always a value, not a tool”

We continue to introduce you the team working on the development of IQeon platform.

16 July 2020 Read Full
Castle Crypto is a new IQeon partner.

Introducing our new partner – web portal Castle Crypto!

Introducing our new partner – media portal Castle Crypto!

13 July 2020 Read Full
IQeon Development report – July 9, 2020

IQeon Development Update – July 9

Optimization of the bonus section, improved data protection, compilation of new questions for Quiz and much more!

09 July 2020 Read Full
IQN - Blockfolio Signal

IQN digital asset was added to Blockfolio Signal

Crypto enthusiasts have an additional opportunity to monitor the development of IQN digital asset.

02 July 2020 Read Full
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