IQeon Development report – April 2, 2020

IQeon Development Update – April 2

Optimization of the platform, bug fixing, addition of Quiz English version and much more!

02 April 2020 Read Full
IQeon – Quarantine
IQeon News

Fun things to do while in quarantine

Quarantine is a great opportunity to finally do what you have wanted for a long time, but couldn’t because of lack of time.

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IQeon – results of March 2020
IQeon News

IQeon sums up the results of March!

IQeon sums up the results of March. What’s important happened during the month, read below.

31 March 2020 Read Full
Vitali Bibik – IQeon
IQeon News

CFO Vitali Bibik: “Multitasking is a middle name of financial officer”

We continue to introduce you to the team working on the development of IQeon platform.

26 March 2020 Read Full
Self-education – IQeon
IQeon News

Top 10 services for self-education while being in quarantine

IQeon has collected resources for your intellectual improvement during quarantine.

24 March 2020 Read Full
Yuriy Navadvorski - Career Today

IQeon representative spoke about the prospects for blockchain appliance

Yuriy Navadvorski, IQeon CTO, gave a speech at Career Today conference in Minsk (Belarus).

16 March 2020 Read Full
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