Frequently Asked Questions


In which country is the company registered?

Our company is registered in Estonia.

Where is your head office located?

Our head office is located in Estonia. The exact address: Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn, Harju maakond, 10115.

Tokens & Payments

What functions does the IQeon token perform?

Direct use of tokens in the IQeon ecosystem:

  • rates and rewards in gambling rooms and disputes;
  • payment of rewards for certain activities (player of the day, player of the month, etc.);
  • Payment of remuneration to game developers;
  • payment of royalties to the owners of copyrights for digital content;
  • Remuneration for partner programs.

What was the purchase price of the IQeon token in ETH?

At the pre-ICO stage 1 ETH = 700 IQN.

At the ICO stage 1 ETH = 325 IQN.

Where can I get IQN?

IQN tokens can be sold after the end of ICO and placement of tokens on crypto exchanges (the list of exchanges will be given later).

How can I check how many IQeon tokens I have?

You can check the number of IQeon tokens through your account on the iqeon.io website.

Where can I find IQN Contract address?

Our Contract address is 0x0db8d8b76bc361bacbb72e2c491e06085a97ab31

You can check it on Etherscan

Games & Platform

What company is involved in the development of the project?

The developer of the project IQeon is our partner - Media Park company.

Can I use IQeon tokens in other games?

Yes, you can use them in games which are integraded in IQeon Platform.

Ноw many games are in the IQeon system?

Before to the launch of Pre-ICO, our partners - developers of 50 or more games and applications, showed interest in connecting to the IQeon ecosystem.

Why are you sure that players will cooperate with you and use your ecosystem?

Our team conducted analysis and came to the conclusion that no less than 14% of players will be interested in the system for earning assets with their mind. As the main target audience will be users in the age group from 12 to 25 years. As a rule, at this age young people are looking for opportunities to earn pocket money, and with our help, we will help them to earn assets.


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