What Will The Future Of Gaming Look Like?

Future Of Gaming

Investors were fortunate enough to see growth in the gaming industry over the years. The pandemic has only skyrocketed the overall development of gameplay and added different avenues. To put this into perspective, 2020 saw a 12 percent increase from the previous year, equating to nearly $140 billion in profit for game industry professionals. With the future of gaming on the rise, everyone wants to jump on the train and see what’s next.

Advancing Virtual Reality Through Metaverse

The advancements of virtual reality will be seen through the next several years. With big companies like Facebook and Sony backing virtual reality, they will be set with fixing hurdles previously abating other unsuccessful VR productions, such as:

  • Solving the missing social component from Virtual Reality that many gamers seek.
  • Fixing functionality and comfortability of the headsets. Complaints were found with the long-lasting comfortability of wearing the headset.

Using the technology that already exists within virtual reality could push the two even further. The conversation about Metaverse and what it can do for gaming ties into how Facebook can push Virtual Reality. While Facebook is not the creator of Metaverse, it seems to make sense to associate it with them since they changed into Meta back in October of 2021.

Metaverse is a futuristic virtual world that some plan to include the gaming world and all aspects of life, even potentially adding retail elements so people can shop in the virtual world just as they do in the real world. In addition, gamers can expect their future games to be even more immersive. If the gaming world is merged with the Metaverse, it will likely bring more eyes on games, pushing the profits higher.

Blockchain Is Coming To The Forefront

Cryptocurrency is a hot trend and is not expected to slow down. Since some companies plan to participate in a virtual retail shop when the Metaverse is in full swing, it only makes sense to have a digital currency accepted as payment. Some are looking to the gaming industry to show how this can work.

There are already gaming currencies available right now using their gaming tokens. IQN is one of the most popular, made for the IQeon PvP gaming platform. It’s already seen as an incentive to gamers who want to feel more of a reward after triumphing an entire game. It is a cryptocurrency that gamers can either buy a piece of or win when completing the game. So why would someone play a game with a blockchain incentive versus nothing at all?

Paying someone through these gaming tokens means they can gain real money that can either be reinvested in other crypto or sold for real money distributed to your bank account.

Giving gamers a little piece of the future that is spendable now is incentive enough.

More gamers have shown interest in making purchases they make inside the game, such as avatars, skins, and accessories, to be in their complete ownership, not the platforms, as it is now. Using gaming tokens through privately owned gaming platforms allows its users this benefit.

That ties back into how it can raise the potential of virtual reality. Gathering everyone in a virtual world allows that technology to go to use. It’s not just a benefit for the gaming world. It would solve the problem of virtual reality being a solo experience. Taking that problem out of the element makes it even more appealing to a broader audience expanding beyond gaming.


The future of gaming will be more social than ever before and grow into a more extensive community feel. Social interaction has taken a hit over the last few years. Gaming became even more popular and will continue that upward trend as we see the world step into widespread virtuality.



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