Looking for promising Crypto? Here's what you need to know about the IQN Token


IQeon (IQN) is the official token of the IQeon PvP gaming platform. In this article, we discuss IQN as a worthy option for cryptocurrency holders

Due to the present economic downturn, investing is no longer just a source of extra money. Instead, it has become a fundamental human need. However, while many people have the will and resources to invest, choosing a suitable investment is often easier said than done.

Conventional options like real estate and company stocks have their appeal but can be too expensive, too long-term, or simply inaccessible. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and altcoins, on the other hand, are readily accessible and can be a goldmine for smart investors.

If you are a prospective crypto investor or a long-standing player looking to diversify your portfolio, you may want to consider dipping your hand in some altcoin jars. Altcoins have performed outstandingly in 2021. Between February and June, the total altcoin market capitalization grew by more than 420%. Today, they account for nearly 60% of the entire cryptocurrency market.

Gaming altcoins on the rise

Although much of the growth in the altcoin segment is attributed to heightened interest in DeFi and NFTs, gaming tokens, collectively a relatively new player in the altcoin scene, are also making a significant mark. Recently, gaming assets have gained considerable traction by offering a much-needed way for millions of gamers to monetize their successes.

Gaming token creators aim to solve the monetization problem within the gaming community. Industry data indicates that 97% of gamers end up with nothing to show for their triumph after a game. The remaining 3% monetize through:

  1. Independently run auctions (20%)
  2. Thematic forums (12%)
  3. Direct agreements between players (8%)
  4. Illegal exchanges (3%)

Created in 2018 for the IQeon PvP gaming platform, IQN is one of the top gaming tokens leading the altcoin charge. An ERC-20 token, IQN makes it possible for gamers worldwide to monetize their achievements without intermediary involvement by depositing currency directly to players' wallets.

Platform users receive assets for winning battles, participating in contests, and actively engaging the IQeon community. They can then use their tokens to unlock new matches and broaden their reach on the platform, withdraw them to any wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens, or exchange them for other currencies on the EXMO, HitBTC, BitForex, and Exrates exchanges.

Demand for IQN has soared in recent months

Since June 2020, IQN token price has more than doubled, much to the delight of early IQN holders. Moreover, the current three-month metric places the asset squarely in the green zone and indicates a steady 25-30% increase every 90 days.

The main reason for IQN's stellar performance is that it has been lighting up popular crypto exchanges. By late 2020, IQN was trading on three major exchanges – EXMO, BitForex, and HitBTC. HitBTC, one of the oldest active exchanges, offers IQN/BTC, IQN/ETH, and IQN/USDT pairs.

Top exchanges are keen on risk management. They select new tokens carefully and leave "junk coins" in the cold. Listing on three of them puts IQN on the list of worthy participants in the crypto market. Moreover, its activity in these exchanges reflects a constantly growing number of holders and skyrocketing liquidity.

Besides exchange listing, IQN has a formidable presence within the gaming and crypto investment communities. Since the start of 2020, the project has secured more than ten partners, including the popular TradingView platform for community engagement, German-based Fractal Analytics for participant identification, and Flipside Crypto for intuitive visualization.

IQeon also collaborated with various gaming and information portals centered on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, a move that has strengthened the loyalty of enthusiasts to IQN.

A bright future for IQN

Altcoin prices often shoot up by phenomenal margins after bullish market sentiments. However, if you are looking for a promising coin, simply choosing the coin because its value is currently skyrocketing might lead to huge losses down the road. Instead, aspire to build your portfolio with assets supported by a robust concept and an experienced team whose primary focus is on product quality and continuous development.

IQN fits this bill perfectly. It represents an extensive blockchain-based ecosystem that is supported by an increasingly large number of gamers. Considering the token's success, analysts are optimistic IQN will appreciate steadily.

With a potentially huge ecosystem tied to it and a loyal base of participants, IQN is set to become one of the most active cryptocurrencies in the gaming segment.



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